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About Sven

Sven Kosakowski is a professional musician from Dortmund, Germany, who does his work with passion.
He devoted his body and soul to his inner calling:

playing drums

Despite being self-taught, Sven continually honed his skills in many private lessons, master classes and workshops. He learned from world-class players such as Claus Hessler, Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, Jojo Mayer, Simon Phillips, Prof. Michael Küttner and Peter Wrba, for instance.


He has played drums for various groups and artists in radio and television shows as well as in hundreds of concerts all over Europe.


Sven has had the opportunity to work with internationally renowned artists like Julie Slick, Dirk Schulz, Paddy Kelly, Rona Hartner, Tialda van Slogteren, Angelo Kelly, Sascha Salvati, Analogue Birds and many more, also playing more exotic musical genres like arabian and brazilian music.


Meanwhile, studio sessions as a drummer and percussionist for various artists have become part of his resume, as well as the job in the director’s chair. He works as a producer, arranger and mixing engineer in and outside of his own project studio.


Sven’s trademark is his creative way of playing drums, especially the use of innovative sounds and outstanding individual style of play.
Transforming the sounds and the musicality of electronic music into a live concept is just one of his talents.


Sven truly loves all facilities of his work, no matter if he does some pocket drumming for pop and rock artists or amazing solo shows.

Sven works with…

Kirchhoff Schlagwerk
Apke Tontechnik

Ice-Stix Germany
Vision Ears

Musik Wein